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Registration Information

  • You will find information below and in the sidebar regarding enrolling your child(ren) in Grand Forks Public Schools. Please complete all the forms and return them, along with the required information, to the school office. A parent or legal guardian must complete and sign each registration form. In order for the enrollment process to begin, we are requesting you provide the following information.

    • Primary and Secondary Proof of Residence: If you are new to Grand Forks Schools, or changing schools within the district due to a move, you will need to include both primary proof of residence and secondary proof of residence:
      • Primary Proof of Residence:
        • Home mortgage OR
        • Builders agreement OR
        • Purchase agreement OR
        • Homeowners insurance policy OR
        • Grand Forks County property tax statement OR
        • Lease/rental agreement (must list the names of the parents/guardians living in the rental unit, plus the manager’s name and phone number)
      • Secondary Proof of Residence:
        • Current gas, electricity, or water bill OR
        • Current cable or Direct TV bill OR
        • Department of Social Services documentation
    • Copy of Certificate of Immunization Records (shots record): Please note the “Certificate of Immunization – North Dakota Department of Health” form. Immunization records from your individual physician will be accepted as long as they meet the North Dakota requirements.
    • Copy of State Certified Birth Certificate/I94: We will make a copy and return the original to you.
    • Record of Release: Please note the Request for Release of Educational Records
    • Parent/Guardian identification and signature on all forms

    Grand Forks Public Schools is utilizing an online enrollment tool called PowerSchool Registration. You will access PowerSchool Registration through a PowerSchool Parent Portal Account.  The PowerSchool Parent Portal account allows you to create a single account that gives you access to grades (grades 4-12) and attendance information for your child(ren).  Please follow the directions to create your account. Be sure to link all your K-12 child(ren) to this account. You must have a Parent Portal account in order for you to access the PowerSchool Registration link.  Please keep in mind that we will have a paper option available for registration for those who may not have Internet access.